How We Got Started?

Rising Voices | Assam

Today, on 11th Jan, 2017, during the MCJ class of the day, the topic of Blog & Blogging emerged. As the class moved towards the practical aspects of a blog, all the 31 students present during the class expressed their willingness to have a blog for the students across & alike.Acting on this urge, the faculty who serves as a digital media strategist in his full time role, made the students understand how a domain can be purchased, linked to hosting and other aspects of a website like CSS, associated emails, etc.

The 1st phase of BIRTH of this Blog based website was really interesting, as it was a mass effort.

All the students present during that class contributed with their fullest of vigor and interest. Each one of them came up with a name for this blog site. Under the supervision of the faculty during that class, students decided to have the name “Rising Voices”.

Many names in the regional language (Assamese) were also suggested by the students. They were kept for the inner sections rather than the main title. The motive of the title was to grab an international attention…and so went the current one!

We aim to cover all the fields students are willing to contribute from, as we progress!


1. Digital and social media strategist/consultant.
2. Alumni of London School of Business & Finance.
3. Visiting Faculty for Digital Media in IDOL, GU & IIE, Guwahati.
4. Visiting Faculty for Business Development in ARGUCOM, Sibsagar, Assam.