The Power of Creativity in Media: Powerful Enough?

creativity in media

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To inform, educate and entertain is supposed to be the sole purpose of the media world. And to serve this purpose the media should remain upgraded by all means, be it delivering facts and news, creating awareness or providing the audience with daily dose of entertainment. In short, it upgrades an individual to remain up to date with the basic amenities of social life with an upgraded idea, perception or view.

Indeed the media industry is often aimed for creating ruckus or bogus news, and sensationalizing or spreading scuttlebutt in the society. But the genuine objective or purpose of the media has undoubtedly influenced infinite minds. Be it radio, newspaper, television or the new media, media has never been servitude to any circumstances. An idiosyncrasy related to media is that criticisms are always welcomed for the improvement of the industry.

The media industry is emerging and flourishing persistently with an intention to create mojo in the society, where creativity knows no bound. The media world, however, is surrounded by the very essence of creativity. Creativity is by no means limited to just art and culture, creativity exists in each and everything be it science and technology, business, a culinary expert, advertisements, a news reader, photography, a skyscraper, software and the list goes on. The world itself is an example of creativity which is filled with innumerable wonders of human imagination.

The power of creativity is the ultimate inquisitiveness, desire or the pressure of need which invokes an individual to innovate anything exceptional with one’s own imagination, intelligence and capability. The basic concept involved in creativity is imagination which gives birth to an idea, and the final outcome is innovation. In other words, creativity is the root and innovation is the produced product of imagination.

According to Edward de Bono- “Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting”.

The use of creativity in media today is the core necessity for successful implementation for any strategic campaigns, advertisements, presentation of news be it print or bulletin, editing video or still images, journalism, photography, PR events, social media, etc. The way you present your ideas and imagination proves your sense of creativity.

Brain and Creativity

Journalism is one of the most creative professions in the field of media and communication. The process of breaking news and producing stories instantly, is one such challenging creativity. Journalism has been considered as one of the most responsible jobs in the world since on the basis of news, facts or information produced, it helps the citizens to make the best possible decisions or opinions regarding the society, community, government or the world at large.

However, journalism is no more limited to news agencies alone; any individual can prove his journalistic charisma through new media. With the advent of the internet, creativity has got a new direction which is more viral. Only a smartphone with internet connectivity and you are sorted to go for citizen journalism. Moreover, the profession of journalism has reached new heights with instant transfer of information.

Films and advertisements are another and the most popular medium of creative content. Even though they mean business, but the result is the artistic content of the story, short film or documentary which generates revenue. The creative content is elaborated in the form of social awareness, inspiration or just for entertainment purpose. However a film or ad is not just limited to the story itself, use of camera, pre-production and post editing of the film, scripting, acting, directing are all part and parcel of the term called creativity.

Advertisement Creativity

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Animation on the other hand is the finest example of creativity through technology. It is one of the fastest growing industry. Animation is the world of creativity and it demands thinking out of the box and innovating new ideas. VFX, Gaming, 3D technologies which are booming increasingly, determines the fact that technology is creativity itself.

Public Relations as a profession bridges the gap between the public and the organization. PR is basically considered as a promotional or strategic planning which requires creative thinking to generate ideas and solve problems. Promotional sphere of action on the other hand demands a creative insight for activities like product launches, phone calls, event managements, announcements, press meets, CSR activities, etc. Definitely to make an organization or a product stand out from the rest and to have a greater impact on their target audience and the media a degree of creative thinking is must.

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. Yes, this proverb truly defines the art of photography as a medium of communication. Photography is a creative passion to capture the whole world in your lens. Although there are many scientific terms used in photography like focal length, aperture, white balance, shutter, different types of camera lens, color adjustments, filters, shots along with various photo editing software available, but the creativity involved in photography is how and what you capture and depict the image to the world.

Social Media or the new media is the next big thing in the media world. It has indeed provided the audiences with the flexibility to decide what, how and when to consume creativity in the form of on demand access to news, information, videos, music, various websites, blog, social platforms to name a few. The advent of new media has given birth to a new set of creative professionals where journalists, musicians, bloggers, artists, animators, programmers have acquired a new platform to display their piece of work and at the same acknowledge them instantly.

Be it TV, Radio, Newspaper, Advertising or new media, the media industry has witnessed tremendous growth with the power of creativity. The process of converting original ideas into something extraordinary that have value, is the practical process of creativity. Media is all about communication, and the creative strategy is determined by the process of delivering the message and how the audience consumes it. Media is one of the sophisticated sphere of activity where a splash of creativity can create wonders with the implementation of imagination.

Mumeninaz Zaman is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism (MCJ) from Gauhati University, IDOL. She also holds a diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism from Cotton College, Guwahati.
She has a a deep interest in Advertising and PR, and new media. The passion she has towards writing is a state of euphoria for her, as such she is constantly striving hard to improve vocabulary through reading skill.
She is also a member of an NGO named “Stars of the Northeast” which aims at the welfare of the society.