Scope of Digital Media Marketing in North-East India

Digital media marketing in Assam

Digital media marketing (DMM) or simply known as Digital Marketing is not just a voguish term used against the advancements in marketing in the digital age; rather it covers a wider array of communication, creativity, technology and marketing. To understand the term ‘Digital Media Marketing’ one must understand the prefix ‘digital media’.

Digital media can be simply defined as any media available which can be produced, reproduced, stored and shared on using a digital device. In practical, every little thing you have in your desktop, laptop or even on your smartphones can be termed as digital media.

Digital media’s acceptance and usage into the North-Eastern sphere can be judged by the spread of the internet usage across the 8 states. As per the data from Census 2011, 9.3% of the entire households in Assam had a PC by 2011 and out of them 1.7% had internet connectivity. By now, these figures have crossed a three folded mark for sure.

We have around 905 million active mobile subscribers in the country, as per IAMAI report 2015, and it is growing like never before. Even GOI is jumping into this glorious band wagon of digital everything; ‘Go Cashless’ to name!

Going by the tides of this growth and defining the espousal with the help of the ‘Diffusion of Innovation’ theory, digital media came into being in the north-eastern part of India as well. Eventually, the concept of digital media marketing penetrated into this soil too. Now a days, we are in a level of perception where people turn to digital presences to establish any authenticity.

Digital Media Flow Towards Marketing

The Flow Concept Towards Digital Media Marketing

The espousal of digital media has eventually fueled the growth of eCommerce everywhere alike! And the growth of eCommerce further fueled the adoption of digital media marketing to boost the businesses.

Now let us briefly look into the different aspects of DMM, as in the diagram below:

Digital Media Marketing Branches

Different Aspects/Components of DMM

All these sections together create the domain of DMM. Depending upon the niche and the target groups, different organizations adopt different sections and strategies. Though all the sections ranging from social media to blog fall under the purview of DMM, yet each one of them can be treated and served separately to fulfill objectives so assigned. Please note that there are separate specializations are available in practice for social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization etc.

The question that pops up here is about the scope of DMM – why should one go into the profession of a digital media marketer? I would like to answer as:

  1. As of Sept, 2015, the average salary for a digital media marketer in India stands at Rs. 441830/-
  2. More than 12000 digital media marketing posts are available in India as per the job site Naukri,
  3. There are more than 247000 digital media marketing professionals in India as the professional networking site Linkedin,
  4. Despite the huge no. of 247000, there is an acute shortage of well-trained digital media marketers in India,
  5. According to a report, by 2020 more than 87% of all the organizations in India will have at-least one digital media post.

    digital media marketer salary India

    Digital Media Marketer Salary in India. (Img: Google)

The North-Eastern states, namely Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura, are also experiencing a professional drift with the widespread adoption and usage of the digital media. In a near future, probably every second thing will be available in a digital format on a digital device; and that would be a true age for all those in the field of digital media marketing.

digital media salary comparison

Salary of Digital Media Marketers Across Countries (Img Credit: dazeinfo)

In Assam and in the entire North-Eastern region of India, so far, there’s only one full fledged digital media marketing institution by the name of ‘North-East Digital Marketing Institute’ operating in a network franchise model. Starting with their Nagaon branch cum study center, so far they have trained around 20 people from the hardcore marketing profession.

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