Computer Education Is Important In The Modern World

Charles Babbage is known as “The Father of Computers”. This is because he only invited the work of computers and developed the first automatic digital computers. The first programmer of computer is Lady Ada Lovelace. Computer

In honest words, invention of computer is the brightest milestone in human and scientific achievements of the universe so far. It is indeed an important event in the human history of the 20th century. Developing and improving the effectiveness and accuracy of the scientific machines of the present world can truly be attributed to computers only. It has helped development in any and every field in and around the globe.

Computer Education is important for modern world because it is used everywhere at home, at workplaces and also at schools. Most of our daily activities either involves the use of or depend on information from a computer. Without the use of computer, the everyday life is not possible. Activities such as learning up a product or planning a trip could involve the use of computer education. With the help of computers, we can balance our cheque book, pay bills, track, personal income and expenses, transfer funds buy or sales stock and evaluate financial plans. People deposited or widow fun through an ATM. Most of the hi-tech cars include an on-board navigation system that provides directions signals for emergency services and tracks vehicle it it stolen with the help of computer. It is a way to communicate with the professionalism because it is a better way to makes transactions more convenient. Computer education also provides benefits for the people who are computer literates because in all the workplaces computer is used. In offices people use computers to creates correspondence such memos and letters, calculate pay roll track inventory and generate invoices.

Personal Computer

Computer also updates the people. Through computer people can hear or read about the latest news with the help of computer websites. In the modern world computer is a cheap way for the people to communicate. Because communication are not limited to text. In today’s world we can transmit voices, sounds, videos, and graphics with the help of computer. With the help of computer people can send videos or photographs to our family, friends, or clients, various business dealings are takes places through computers. People over the world uses the various computers networks for various business activities like buying or selling of share, stock, bonds, etc. through computer internets. It is a very reasonable way for making them ideal and for those who which to save more.

The digital revolution is open up in Today’s world. To be successful in digital world it I essential for us to become computer literate being computer literate means to have knowledge and understanding of computer and their uses. 

Computer has changed the life of modern man. A man sitting in the room can have the latest information about politics, sports, and scientific inventions and can do business with people at the other corner of the world. Through internet we can learn the affairs of the worlds and can learn the affairs of the world and get every information about the happening around the world. It helps to enhance the talents and knowledge of the new generation. It opens their eyes and vastness of the universe around us. It has proved a phenomenon of re-validation of the age exhibition in its modern form.

It is a very necessary skills for the 21st century because it is vital to modern business government and also for the society. The learning of computer education problems , data manipulation and model building is also important for science and mathematical fields. Computer education avenues between students and teachers about same topics or for some assignments.

Yet computer is a very powerful tool but it is depend on the human being for instruction. The computer cannot link on its own. It has to be given detailed instruction for every step of its operators. Unlike the human brain, Computers do not have the potential to trey out various alternatives to solve unexpected problem. Computer does not have any instructions. Computers do not learn from experience. Computer is a mechanical device. So it needs regular maintenance because of this limitations if some one is used the computer in a proper way it may be important for modern world.


Mitali Bora is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism (MCJ) From Guwahati University IDOL.

With her Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application, she works as a computer faculty in Asian Infotech in Guwahati.

Hailing from Hengerabari, Guwahati, Mitali is also involved with Radio Luit, 90.8 FM, the community Radio Service(CRS), Gauhati University.